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Music 2014: Yesterday and Today
(Huni 2014: Kahapon ug Karon)

The New Philippine Rondalla Ensemble represents what is called TAMBOL in the Philippines by weaving together the plectrum textures of the Philippine rondalla – the piccolino, the bandurria and the laud – in special arrangements with the guitar, the marimba and drums. Prepare for an evening of Philippine folk melodies, the island rhythms of the Sinulog and the seguidilla and new music composed by the performers.

Asian Improv aRts Midwest, the region’s leading presenter of the Asian American cultural arts, is proud to present the 19th season of the critically acclaimed Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival.  The festival highlights the diversity of musicians that explore the Asian American experience though music, combining influences that include jazz, blues, rock, hip hop, improv/new music, and traditional Asian musical forms and instrumentation.  AIRMW celebrates and documents the historic contribution Asian American musicians and their collaborators make to the Chicago music scene.  For more info, visit www.aajazz.org.