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Lion VS Gorilla and Rob Hart

{ Lion VS Gorilla presents: Analogue }

Analogue is a playful exploration of the ways that the digitization of photography has changed the medium and how we see, understand, produce, and consume photographic images.  In this installation, the photographs of the laid-off and award-winning Chicago Sun-Times photojournalist Rob Hart will be presented in conjunction with wall-mounted dot matrix printers, rigged to continuously print pools of curated Instagram photographs, using paper to mimic a live feed.  As part of this installation, there will be an “Ask A Photographer” desk staffed by Mr. Hart, where audience members can ask him anything about photography, his favorite recipes, old-school country music, baseball, etc.  Finally, there will be a photo booth, complete with a background of money raining from the sky and samples of Letherbee Distillery’s artisanal version of Malort.  Central to Analogue is an exploration of the tensions between digital and analog, access and art, and kitsch and craft, and the ongoing and complicated dialogues with photographic images that we have every day.

Lion VS Gorilla (LVG) is a Chicago-based curatorial collaboration established in 2011 between Jimmy Bulosan and Heather Phillips, with a mission of encouraging collaboration, fostering community, and challenging barriers between artists and viewers.