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At Home Features Three Women Painters Contemplating Memory and Family in Oil. Runs May 8 through May 30.

Sara Peak Convery hosts the third Look, Listen & Libations on Friday May 29 from 5:00-7:00pm. Her award winning documentary film I Never Said I Wasn’t Happy, which incorporates her painting and photographic work, will be screened at 6:00pm that night. DVDs will be available for purchase. Convery is a painter and filmmaker based in Chicago, though her work reflects her rural Iowa family history. She worked primarily as wedding videographer before getting into documentary work and returning to painting. In her paintings, Convery works primarily from photographs, often but not always from her family archive. Though often faceless, her figures convey a memory of something familiar–an attitude, a posture, an untold story.

The At Home exhibition features Chicago-based artists Deborah Sukenic, Tracy Ostmann Haschke and Sara Peak Convery. The women met as fellow tenants in the Albany Carroll Arts Building in East Garfield Park. All three work in oil and within a figurative tradition. Without being photographic in style, all three of utilize the ‘snapshot’, be it a memory or a physical image.

At Home refers to a number of states of being. It can be a specific and familiar geographical location, though familiarity can at times be uncomfortable. “At home” can be comfort in your own skin. “At home” is often construed as the place where your family is, but it can also be the place where your memories reside. The works in this exhibition all refer, in varying ways, to being at home.

Deborah Sukenic hosts the first Look, Listen & Libations on Friday, May 15. Sukenic was born and raised in the Detroit area but has taught and painted for many years in Chicago. Her work is often ruminations from memories on the things that can make up a home or a memory, placed contextually on a single canvas: “place portraits”.

Tracy Ostmann Haschkes hosts the second Look, Listen & Libations on Friday, May 22 from 5:00-7:00pm. Haschke, originally from St. Louis, lives and works in the East Garfield neighborhood with her husband and children. Haschke has extensive experience as a decorative painter for interior design as well as many gallery shows and commissions under her belt. Her paintings are often drawn from her own domestic family life.

“Moved by the rewards and challenges that characterize my own experience as an urban mother, my work depicts people engaging in the daily activities of contemporary existence—barbequing, washing the laundry, playing in the back yard, cooking, messy rooms, night-time soothing.  At times I find these simple moments surprisingly gratifying, and each painting is a “snapshot” that documents one such fragment of time. I build the surface of each work with layers of paint and glazes, and use the play of color, pattern, and drawing in a way that suggests the story that lies within, while deliberately leaving room for the viewer’s imagination.” (Tracy Ostmann Haschke 7/25/2014)

Exhibition runs from May 8 – May 30.  Gallery hours are Wednesdays, 3:00 – 7:00pm; Fridays, 5:00-7:00pm and Saturdays, 2:oo -5:oopm. All events are free of charge.