Logan Square Map

2nd Floor Rear 2016: We Are Here. A DIY festival of art in alternative spaces. February 6 & 7. A map of all events can be found here. Don’t Tell Me I’m Pretty, a one day exhibition and fashion show, will be at the Hairpin.

Featuring works by Na Chainkua Reindorf & Grace Kubilius. Curated by Lauren Leving & Elizabeth Lalley. Exhibition runs from 1:00 – 8:00 p.m. Fashion show begins at 6:00 p.m.

By exploring textiles and human form, Don’t Tell Me I’m Pretty engages ideas of “being somewhere” through the body’s experience with the material world. By bringing global, external questions into the context of garments, this work suggests that when we find ourselves “somewhere,” our presence also influences and reflects the places we are in. Being reminded of the body’s physical presence in the world through art is both a simple and profound gesture. This exhibition encourages viewers to search for new understanding in their own bodies and the bodies of others, and in the shared relationships within the spaces we inhabit.

Don’t Tell Me I’m Pretty features works by artist Na Chainkus Reindorf, an MFA student at Cornell University who uses printed textiles to explore societal development, and Grace Kubilius, a fiber artist and current MFA student at Virginia Commonwealth University who utilizes salvaged materials in her practice.