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The Glory Footwork League gives the platform for footwork artists to compete on a higher level to continue to gain exposure for the footwork and juke community and culture.

Footwork and juke culture are underground Chicago urban dances created over 2 decades ago inspired by house music. This art form was created by urban youth who lived in at risk neighborhoods/environments and created it not only for competition but to express themselves through dance. Footworking is performed at 170 beats per minute. The dance goes hand in hand with the evolution of the music which went from house music → ghetto house →juke→ footwork tracks.

For 26 weeks every Saturday artists compete as professionals, week 25 and 26 are playoffs where the top 16 footworkers with the best record will compete against each other. The Glory Footwork League is also showcasing this art form to gain respect in the dance community as an actual dance art form.  We will also have special performances by Kuumba Lynx’s slam team who won Louder Than a Bomb and our Kuumba Lynx Performance Ensemble. Help us in honoring this Chicago Hip-Hop legacy!

Fee: $10 donation for adults and FREE for youth!

Chicago-based artists include: KLPE KL Slam Team Christopher ‘Mad Dog’ Thomas Rashaad Harris