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If you like “The Da Vinci Code” or conspiracy theories about secret illuminatic organizations, you will love this.  Read a review by Adrienne Foster, Voice of the Artist Magazine.

In the exhibition for “The History of the Division”, Matthew Schultz has created an entire world based around his fictional illuminatic organization called The Division. This solo exhibition is a sizable installation with numerous items including: Life-size wax figures and dioramas, historical artifacts, ceramics, scale models, musical instruments, large-scale posters, ritual costumes and secret magic kits. The entire show is modeled after a museum exhibition and is replete with text plaques that explain each piece and the historical narrative or the fraternal order of The Division. Learn more about The Division here.

Matthew Schultz is a multi-media artist and an experimental musician. For the past 20 years he has covered a wide array of media, which include: performing on over thirty CDs, scoring two feature film soundtracks and feature film editing. He is also a print layout specialist, graphic designer, sculptor and ceramists. Currently, he is an Associate Professor at Lincoln Land Community College.

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